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12:05 PM   [30 Jul 2019 | Tuesday]

The Solar LED Street Light Is Better Installed

With the maturity of the development of solar energy and the vigorous development of Solar led street light(CLASSICLEDLIGHT), solar LED street light is installed in rural areas now. If solar LED street light is to be used normally, they must be properly installed first. Although the installation of solar LED street light is not complicated, there are many matters needing attention during the installation process. Now, let's introduce to you some points for attention to the installation of solar LED street light.

First of all, as solar LED street light is a kind of product mainly using solar radiation as an energy source, the intensity of light irradiated on this kind of product directly affects the lighting effect of this kind of product. It is also because of this that when selecting the installation location of street lights, everyone must ensure that they can receive sufficient sunlight, and must ensure that sunlight can be irradiated at any time throughout the day. During the installation process, it is also necessary to ensure that there are no leaves or other obstructions around the installation location, which is a very important point of attention.

Secondly, when threading solar LED street lights, there are also many matters needing attention. During threading, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the wires of street lights cannot load the connection of light poles, so as not to damage the normal use of products. In addition, the connection of wires should be fixed. PVC tape should be used for winding for those connections so as to have a better fixing effect.

Finally, when using a solar LED street light, in order to ensure the beauty of the product and the battery module can better receive solar radiation, everyone must ensure that the cleaning work is carried out every six months to thoroughly remove the dust on the battery module of this product, but when cleaning it, everyone must pay attention to not being able to wash from bottom to top during washing and cleaning, which will cause unnecessary damage to the product. It can be seen that when installing solar LED street light, everyone must pay attention to the above precautions, which is very important for everyone. Only by doing this can they be installed better.

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