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12:04 PM   [30 Jul 2019 | Tuesday]

LED Public Lighting Can Create The Best Environment

Parents often tell their children to avoid dark and abandoned streets when they are young and stay in light-filled, densely populated streets when they go out at night. As children gain experience and maturity, they naturally understand that they are safer when they have better lighting on the street. The new discovery now reveals that Led Public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) can create the best environment to help people stay safe while walking down the street at night.

In terms of safety perception, LED public lighting has two significant advantages over traditional high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps. The first is the ability of unparalleled LEDs to replicate natural daylight conditions. The "white light" perception of LED lights allows people to see facial features and details more clearly and helps them better identify colors and textures. Just copying the sun, LED public lighting gives people a better impression.

The second advantage of LED common lighting is that they can be guided and controlled to illuminate evenly on sidewalks and crosswalks with little or no dark spots or shadows between higher lighting standards. Traditional street public lighting produces the brightest lighting gradients near the luminaires with dark spots between the luminaires. LED common lighting fixtures can be used, which distribute light in a distribution known as i-type to v-type. The i-type LED luminaires are distributed laterally along the sidewalk and path, while the V-shaped distribution is circular. Municipalities can combine different distribution patterns to create bright, consistent lighting on all pedestrian areas and roads when necessary.

City planners and city managers will also appreciate the energy and efficiency of LED public lighting systems. Towns that have transitioned to LED streetlights typically reduce lighting energy consumption by more than 50%. Even in areas where temperature and rainfall vary widely, the long life and durability of LED public lighting can reduce the cost of lighting maintenance and repair in the city. When using an intelligent system to control the LED light, the cost can be further reduced, and the smart system can reduce energy consumption when the motion and proximity sensors determine that the street is empty and there are no pedestrians or drivers.

Environmentalists also prefer LED public lighting because no hazardous materials are used in the manufacturing process and they can be directed to minimize light pollution. Mercury vapor street lighting fixtures contain substances that may require special handling if they are damaged or replaced at the end of their useful life. In contrast, LEDs do not impose special handling obligations on towns where LED street lights are installed. Pedestrians and motorists also enjoy the benefits of not being exposed to hazardous materials, further enhancing their sense of security. The directionality and controllability of LED public lighting also reduce light spills, which may affect residents, which may disrupt the activity patterns of nighttime wildlife. Towns with LED street lights usually reduce the “city sky glow”, a typical phenomenon of urban and large population concentration.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click public lighting.

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