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FFXIV: The strange guilt of changing the job in the MMO


As I keep losing myself inside the latest expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, note down a guide regarding how newcomers start and fight terrible raid bosses, and I also make time to try new jobs. I followed the lead of my colleague Mike Fahey and started afresh dancer job. Oh, my God, I think I might just give up "handling" other damage handling courses. Of course, it has brought me a lot of unnecessary guilt.

The Dancer may be the new addition to "Shadowbringers", the newest extension of Final Fantasy XIV. This is a damage handling class which could attack range and FFXIV Gil buff teammates. Although I mainly represent a therapist, I have another role to complete the damage work. Recently, I adjusted my role for Samurai and Monk on the highest volume of 80. Frankly, Monk must be fixed. To simplify the job, the sense in "Shadowbringers" was not quick enough and lost a large number of interesting abilities. Warriors are capable of doing a large amount of large-scale sudden damage attacks, I like it, but this can be a selfish class. You set it down, produce a big attack, and repeat. Pleasant, however, not too energetic. In contrast, the dancers are perfect. Your attack features a random possibility to trigger the combo chain and after that trigger more abilities. This is reactive; you must look at what capabilities "trigger" and react accordingly. And you have to play a DDR mini-game regularly again.

Even if I play in the dancers from the early stages, I am sure I want to put it to use as my main injury treatment course. I may exchange it effortlessly, but I still feel guilty. I experience a role-playing server, and my regular damage character can be a monk narrative. It is often a strange obligation to hold this class at a high level whilst keeping their warrior skills sharp. I am already at the highest level. Do I need to Buy FFXIV Gil sharpen Dancer for the maximum, to get a quick experience, experience the randomly generated dungeon? The last time I did this, I was almost dead...while it was because I was built with a lung infection without realizing it. Go determine.

So this is my position: the dancers are wonderful. It may be the most interesting and valuable courses in Final Fantasy XIV. Every second has their fun, though the exchange shows that I have done the repetitive grinding process twice and quit my mastery on the game style. This is daunting, but I should give myself any advice from readers: “Play by far the most interesting thing in your case, Heather.”

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