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Final Fantasy 14 new raid and 5.01 patch

The first update from the latest version of Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers is online and provides players that have a wave of post-release content. Patch 5.01 introduces additional tasks for individuals who complete the Shadowbringers main scene task line beneath the New Age Chronicles umbrella. There are also some adjustments for many people work and bug fixes, though the most important addition could be the new 8-person raid dungeon called Eden's Gate.

You can produce a raid by completing a whole new mission called "In the Middle of Nowhere" (obtained in Crystarium close to the main Aetheryte) and starting the follow-up mission "Deploying the Core". Players need about 425 parts to join the gates of Eden and finish their four-part resurrection, drowning, descent, and plunder.

In the 5.01 patch description for rewards for running the newest dungeon raid, Square Enix provides following details:

The treasure house that appears once you complete the Eden Gate isn't going to produce equipment but generates tokens that could be traded by your choice.
Only one token is usually earned FFXIV Gil per Eden attack each week. If you get an expression from the loot list, you allow up to them directly to compete for the remaining tokens, whether you decide on it or if you ultimately choose greed.
There isn't any weekly limit on entering the gates of Eden.
Reward eligibility will likely be reset at 1 am every Tuesday.

As for that replacement of new equipment, you'll be able to go to Ghul Gul of Amh Araeng or Yhal Yal of Elmore to restore the early ancient tokens with the following equipment:

Head: Helm of Early Antiquity x 2
Body: Armor of Early Antiquity x 4
Hands: Gauntlets of Early Antiquity x 2
Waist: Belt of Early Antiquity x 1
Legs: Chausses of Early Antiquity x 4
Feet: Greaves of Early Antiquity x 2
Accessories: Bangle of Early Antiquity x 1

There tend to be more details about the conclusion bonus on the new raid:

After completing the gates of Eden: Sepulture, players will get Buy FFXIV Gil an early ancient culture once every seven days. This award may be exchanged with Ghul Gul of Amh Araeng or Yhal Yal of Elmore for lightweight tombstones that may be replaced with weapons.
After the creation of Phantom Phantom's Allagan tomestones, weapons will likely be available with the exchange of light tomestones, scheduled for release 2 weeks after patch 5.01.

Reward eligibility is going to be reset at 1 am every Tuesday.

Some minor adjustments were built to some of FFXIV's work: the Dancebowel duration in the Lancer/Dragoon skill increased by 24 seconds to a short period, as well as the scholar's war technology reduced the MP cost from 800 to 600, even though the Astrologian ability Gravity can be its MP. The cost is reduced from 700 to 600. You can view the whole patch description for FFXIV 5.01 here.

This would be the third extension of FFXIV, a robust instance of Dungeon and a different Trust system (it enables you to bring in-game characters as AI teammates as opposed to real players in the dungeon).

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