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Grasp the Key Production Points of Chair Mould

Plastic chairs have become essential household goods in the current life, of which plastic rattan chairs are works of art in life, and their processing technology is beyond the reach of wooden chairs. How are these Chair Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) made? Mainly grasp the following points:

First of all: 1. The steel material of the chair mould is generally P20 or 718. 2. Gate method: 90% of chair mould generally use edge gates, and some use hot runner large gates. 3. molding method: the ejector pin is pushed on the rib. if the manipulator takes it out, it will be pushed up. if it is automatically pulled off, it will be turned over and pushed down. 4. Surface treatment: polishing, dermatoglyphics, and regional dermatoglyphics. Swapping of flower boards: generally, oblique rods are used for tapping and exchanging, and screw rotation and exchange are more advanced. 5. The waterway design of the chair mould shall not exceed 1m. After the chair mould is finished, it needs to be tested: Haff line: no rowing. Fringe: Fringe is easy to occur at the foot of the chair and the fusion joint due to poor exhaust. Overlay: more than 10 chairs cannot be tilted when stacked; When stacking, the distance between the two chair legs shall not exceed 60mm;; It is easy to separate after stacking (stacking ribs are generally located under the cushion) 6. Lighting: brightness. Intensity: Top White: Due to poor lighting.

Selection of models to be used for chair mould: length = height of chair +140 (distance from the top of chair back to edge) +220 (distance from the end of chair foot to edge) width = chair width +140÷2. Height: depending on the demoulding slope, the height in the vertical direction when the cushion is tilted is generally +100 (upper) +120 (lower) on the premise that the cushion can be smoothly demounted. The size of the machine is determined by the gram weight of the product. If the weight is less than 2500g, 650 tons of machine can be generally used. Larger, 780 tons. Armchairs and chairs with U-shaped slots or triangular slots at the back require 1,000 tons of elongated nozzles.

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