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12:45 PM   [18 Jul 2019 | Thursday]

LED Public Lighting Technology Is An Emerging Technology

The explosive growth in demand for Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) has spawned a large number of manufacturers who are competing to meet this demand.

In the past ten years, many high-quality LED public lighting manufacturers have entered the market. Other companies, including LED public lighting in Columbus, Ohio, have entered the market for 30 years or more and have taken the lead in promoting many advances and innovations in market growth. Those mature LED public lighting manufacturers have experience and technology to solve design problems and provide services to meet your needs.

Some mass market LED public lighting manufacturers to produce only a few bulbs, lamps and systems, which may force you to choose products that are not suitable for your application. Other companies are private brand distributors of overseas manufactured products. Products or systems that are very suitable for your application are more likely to be produced directly by a company that puts its name on the product and supports it with a strong warranty and effective service.

LED public lighting products and systems rated by Energy Star, Design Lamp Alliance (DLC) or Lighting Design Laboratory (LDL) will meet strict third-party testing and evaluation, thus they will be more suitable for applications requiring higher quality products. If the LED public lighting products and systems you select have already received one or more certifications from these rating agencies, they may last longer and provide better performance.

LED public lighting is a new technology. Although you can simply install a new LED public lighting to replace the existing incandescent lamp, the terminology used to describe LED public lighting and the technology used to generate LED public lighting may cause confusion. In order to minimize confusion, please find a LED public lighting manufacturer with trained staff to help you choose the right products and systems for your application.

Although the price of LED public lighting continues to decline, the initial product and installation costs of LED public lighting may be higher than similar costs of traditional lighting systems. However, it is still possible for you to recover the upfront costs in less than two years because the high-quality LED public lighting system reduces the operating and utility costs. If you choose low-cost or high-quality LED public lighting, the bulb may not be able to provide the performance you want or need for a long time. High-quality products may cost more, but in most cases, they will give you longer service and better long-term economic benefits. When selecting LED public lighting products, the quality and cost should be balanced to obtain the best effect.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click public lighting.

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