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Chemical Cleaning of Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer

Nowadays, the use of pure water treatment equipment in the water treatment industry is closely related to our domestic water. With the development of people's lives, the operation and performance quality of its equipment has effectively improved the technological competition among water treatment industries. And has promoted the popularization and operation of domestic conventional membrane treatment technology. After a period of use, does the reverse osmosis membrane need to be cleaned and replaced? The Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer(KOKOELECTRIC) will tell you.

In the normal use process, the domestic conventional reverse osmosis membrane of pure water treatment products will be contaminated by inorganic scale, colloid, microorganism, metal oxide and other substances, which will adhere to and gradually deposit on the membrane surface. After accumulation to a certain extent, it will cause the output of the reverse osmosis device of pure water equipment to drop or the desalting rate to drop, the pressure difference to rise, and even cause irreversible damage to the domestic conventional membrane. Therefore, in order to restore good water permeability and desalting performance, the reverse osmosis membrane needs to be chemically cleaned.

During the daily operation of pure water equipment, it is necessary to conduct scheduled inspections and replace the precision filter element in time to prevent particle pollution of reverse osmosis membrane caused by leakage of filter element due to installation or quality problems. At the same time, check whether there is gas in the precision filter frequently, and do not allow air to enter the reverse osmosis membrane. For spare or long-term shut-down precision filters, formaldehyde protection should be adopted to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

There is also regular backwashing of filters of pure water equipment. Friction can be generated on compressed air gas during backwashing. Only when the washing water is qualified can it be put into use. Do not bring air into domestic conventional reverse osmosis membrane. The operation time of the mechanical filter should be prolonged as much as possible, thus not only reducing the impact of the switching filter on the effluent quality but also saving a large amount of backwashing water.

At present, the reverse osmosis membrane element water treatment technology basically meets our daily drinking water index, and the domestic conventional membrane can greatly reduce the cost of membrane-based water production and solve the drinking water demand in some areas. At the same time, the domestic conventional membrane can improve the quality of tap water and reach the quality standard of normal drinking water.

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