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12:48 PM   [14 Jul 2019 | Sunday]

Influence of LED Public Lighting on Manufacturing Productivity

The initial industrial revolution brought about improvements in production efficiency and product quality, creating benefits for the company, employees, and consumers of the company's products. Led Public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) is at the tip of a new revolution, which has brought greater benefits to the manufacturing industry, improved product quality and lowered consumer prices.

Human resources experts who study the working environment have long known that when the working environment of manufacturing employees is well lit, their working efficiency will be higher. Just as dim light can lead to seasonal affective disorder for people with limited sunshine in winter in the northern climate, poor light in manufacturing plants can also lead to poor employee performance and production problems. Natural light provides the best lighting, while LED public lighting is the best choice to create the environment closest to natural light. The specification of LED public lighting usually includes the color temperature of the light source, which is a measure of the relative warmth or coolness of the light source compared with natural light. LED public lighting in the range of 5,000 kiloohms is very similar to natural light.

Objective research shows that LED public lighting can also improve employees' alertness and happiness. LED public lighting with specific spectral characteristics will reduce the production of melatonin, which will lead to the drowsiness of factory workers. When employees are more alert, the overall productivity level of the manufacturing plant will be significantly improved, employees will make fewer mistakes, suffer fewer injuries, and the product quality of the production line will be significantly improved.

LED public lighting will also reduce the indirect costs of the manufacturing plant while reducing the operating and maintenance costs. Because LED public lighting is more efficient than traditional metal halide or high-pressure sodium industrial lighting, the cost of power facilities in a manufacturing plant equipped with LED public lighting will be reduced by more than 50% on average. In addition, LED public lighting bulbs will continue to operate at near full power for more than 50,000 consecutive hours, in some cases more than 100,000 hours. This reduces maintenance and repair costs during the life of the LED public lighting system. Factory managers can redirect these cost savings to further improve production efficiency and employee safety.

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