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A Startling Fact about NBA 2K20 Uncovered

The NBA 2K20 League's emblem resembles that of the NBA, which features the silhouette of Hall-of-Famer Jerry West, but it moves by itself. It integrates both the NBA and the NBA 2K20 video game, with the typeface used in mt nba 2k20  branding in addition to a red/white/blue color scheme and"pill" contour that evoke the NBA's iconic look.

This was intentional, according to the NBA and Rare Design, the branding firm the league hired to craft the NBA 2K20 League marks. The celebrations also touted something more subtle that they wanted the design to communicate: the idea that esports is available to anyone and everybody. "It is inclusive of everyone."

In a high-touch behind-the-scenes look at the plan process, Rare Design creator Rodney Richardson echoed those thoughts. "It is not characterized by sex; it is not male or female," he explained of the emblem. "This league is available to any gamer that has the capability to go out there and make their spot."

Yet on the day prior to the first-ever NBA 2K20 League Draft in early April, once the league revealed its inaugural draft course of 102 esports athletes, all of these were men.During a media conference on the afternoon of the draft, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver described the lack of girls in the first NBA 2K20 League draft class as"a disappointment for all of us up to now."

"What I'm concerned about buy nba 2k20 mt coins -- and this is a far bigger problem in the gaming community which Strauss and Brendan and I've talked a lot about -- is that something is going on in the gaming community which either is not attracting women or is repelling women from wanting to be part of it"

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