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12:42 PM   [07 Jul 2019 | Sunday]

LED Floodlights As The Illumination Range for LED Public Lighting

The LED floodlight is a spot that can be uniformly illuminated in all directions. The illumination range of the LED floodlight as the Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) can be adjusted as a regular octahedron display in the scene.

The current is small and the LED floodlight temperature is not obvious. If the ambient temperature is high, the main wavelength of the LED floodlight will be red-shifted, the brightness will decrease, the illumination will be uniform, and the consistency will be worse. Especially for the crystal lattice, the rise of the large display temperature is more significant for the reliability, stability, and LED floodlight of the LED floodlight. Thermal design is therefore essential.

LED floodlights are better at simulating bulbs and candles from a specific point to the direction in which the object is uniformly illuminated. Floodlights can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, it can be placed outside the scope of the camera or inside the object. It is common to use many different colors of floodlights in the scene. These floodlights can be dark projected and blended on the model. Due to the large range of floodlights, the floodlighting effect of LED floodlights is easy to predict, and this light has many auxiliary uses, such as floodlights placed near the surface of the object, which will produce intense light on the surface.

LED floodlight working principle

Floodlights are the most widely used floodlights in the production of light sources for standard floodlights that illuminate the entire scene. Multiple floodlights can be used in the scene to produce better results.

Floodlights are the most widely used scenes in light source effects and can be used to coordinate the effects of multiple floodlights to produce better results.

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