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Is Peace possible? or a figment of the imagination...?

I had an interview dinner with an unbeliever who happens to be a scientist and very gifted at that! He is Doctor of Engineering at some University. Our conversation was candid and courteous. He candidly said why Religion was false and the bible a figment of men's imagination. I sat with him and ate the tuna sandwich he was going to pay for and I drank two ice teas. It was all wonderful. His conversation facinated me because he was sincere in his stance. No many would sit with such a person and hear him or her disbelieve what the bible says...

But I thought it was no problem to see where people are coming from and their limitations. I thought later. Perhaps I should have been more courteous and attentive. I was not too proud of myself. The argument continued at home with an undeclared war of words. What a disgrace I thought to be in the middle of this! I made a mistake of giving my opinion away! I know what happens to that opinion and what follows to tear me apart! But I confessed to my Lord what a fool I had been and to forgive my indiscretions...

We turned to the subject of marriage and who calls the shot in a home. I should of seen it coming! My freind and I disagreed on matters but I forgot the cost of being right at the expense of loosing someone to the darkness. I thought if I was as shrewd a leader as I thought of myself I should keep my wisdom to myself when being right is not the goal, but to keep the peace. I couldn't log in to a Christian site with my heart so upset! How clever the wily devil was in crafting this argument to keep me away from the keyboard...

But I fought. I confessed my mistake to God and asked him to have peace and share it abroad! So I guirded my breeches and set myself to a subject to meditate upon. And I thought now, like I had started to think this afternoon, how pleasant to the heart is to have peace! So I decide to tell others, you about my mistake and wise it is to keep it to myself sometimes. Solomon said that there's a time for everything, to collect and to tear apart. But this was the time of peace...

I've been in the war path to long! Sometime I wish it was all over! No more explanations, acclamations, accusatoin or sharp discussions. But that day will be when the wily one is in bars of hell. But if I do my part I can have a foretaste of that peace right now. At least in some figment of my imagination...!


Mood: calm
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cookie38 | Sat Aug 22, 2009, 21:08

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I would be breaf, but to the point. Jesus said that He did not come to bring peace to the worl but the opposite.

and that is what you went through. anyone mane that is wise of himself God will show he is a fool. any man who say there is no God is a fool and is already condemnd. (Proverbs) making peace with the world is making yourself any enemy to God. Science is only good when seen through the eyes of God. that he has open the knowledge of the works of his hands and How sooo wonder and wise a God we belong to.  but man finding it out say that they are wise just for knowing how it works but never could prove how it came about.  guess not too short ha? LOOOL,

I will end with the true wisdom of God that confound the wise of this worl; take the evolution of man kind as the scientist put it, they say that man evolved from apes, if this is true then why are their still apes? what ape in this world would not want to be a human?????? why are they still apes??? even after they learn how to write, type, do what ever humans teach them they still have not evolved yet.. and soo much more that our Holy Father in heaven will give us his children to show what they call foolish makes them sound dumb.

you must seek God for His wisdom for it only comes from above and IS NOT OF THIS WORLD.


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