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12:40 PM   [01 Jul 2019 | Monday]

LED Public Lighting Development LED Flying Saucer Light

Led Public lighting(CLASSIC)(CLASSIC) Why develop led flying saucer lights, let us introduce you today, if we say UFOs, I believe we are not very strange and very familiar, because everyone is watching TV and movies often hear seeing UFOs It's just a legendary thing, but what we see today is the real UFO. This is one of the few things we can use to illuminate every night. Now seeing the LED UFO light, UFO LED High Bay Light brings us a new type of lighting tool. Add a new landscape to your home. Advantages of LED UFO lights: energy saving, environmental protection, long life, low heat, safety, no stroboscopic, no noise, no UV, good color, standard lights (E27, B22).

The main features of the LED UFO light are described below:

1. Energy saving: LED flying saucer light can save more than 85% energy than traditional incandescent light, and save more than 50% energy saving light;

2. Environmental protection: Traditional lights contain a lot of mercury. UFO LED High Bay Light is a kind of mercury that emits mercury into the atmosphere and pollutes the air and water. LED flying saucer lights contain no mercury and any harmful substances. Completely environmentally friendly lighting.

3. Long life: Up to 50,000 hours of service life, 30 times that of ordinary light bulbs. UFO LED high-bay lights can be replaced without replacement. Ordinary home lighting is “again”, which is more suitable for difficult replacement.

4. Less heat dissipation: Traditional lights produce a lot of heat, and the temperature of led flying saucer lights is between 30-50 during use. Moreover, the LED flying saucer lights are all converted into light energy, which will not waste energy, and the UFO LED High Bay Light garment will not fade if it is in contact with documents for a long time.

5. Safety: The LED flying saucer light itself uses epoxy resin instead of traditional glass, and there is no hidden danger of traditional pipe breaking. Even if you lie on the floor, it will not be easily damaged and you can use it with confidence. In particular, the seismic performance is good and the transportation process is convenient.

6. No strobe: Traditional fluorescent lights use AC power, so there are 100-120 strobes per second. The LED flying saucer light converts the AC power directly into DC power. The UFO LED high-bay light does not produce flicker, eliminates glare, sublimates the visual effect, eliminates visual fatigue, and completely protects the eye effect.

7. No noise: LED UFO light does not generate noise. For good use of precision electronic equipment, UFO LED High Bay Light is also suitable for libraries, offices and other occasions.

8. No UV: LED UFO lamps do not produce UV light, because LED UFO lamps are softer, so there is no strong UV light like traditional lamps, so there are many mosquito sources around. As the LED flying saucer lights in the room will become cleaner, hygienic and cleaner.

9. Standard lamp holder: Universal standard lamp holder (E27, B22), UFO LED high-bay lamp can directly replace the existing halogen lamp, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp.

10. Good color: the color index can reach more than 90%, the luminous efficiency can reach 100lm / w, a variety of color temperatures can be selected, the color index is high, and the color is good. Popular beauty: LED flying saucer lamp product design fully reflects the trend of the trend, UFO LED High Bay Light looks stylish, elegant, leisurely creativity.

11. All led UFO luminaire factories have undergone aging test to effectively eliminate defective products such as false soldering, and we have fully guaranteed the highest quality sales;

12. From procurement to sales, use ERP software to manage all computer information, reduce unnecessary inventory and capital backlog, and ensure that the same quality is lower than peer prices.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click public lighting.

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