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What Determines The Price of The Dustbin Mould

Dustbin Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) is a plastic product. The price of dustbin mould depends on the following factors:

First, product size and Chinese character shape. This decision, what is the corresponding structure of the dustbin mould, directly related to the cost of the dustbin mould.

Second, the product size, appearance requirements, precision requirements, appearance requirements, processing costs are different.

Third, the number of dustbin mould holes, switch mould, several products, usually one or more, this is not too large a product.

Fourth, the expected production of the dustbin mould decides what kind of materials to use and also decides the cost.

If you just ask, want to have a general understanding, generally speaking, there is a simple structure, do not need, mould materials, products less than 10 cm, the second cave mould, may cost less than 20,000. Specifically, it is hard to say what this product looks like.

The quotation of each factory will be very different, because they have different requirements and profit points, so most of the time they can only give the corresponding price range.

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