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Method for Distinguishing The Quality of Water Filter Cartridges

PP Water Filter Cartridges(KOKOELECTRIC) are inexpensive, but you must be cautious when purchasing. At present, there are many cheap PP water filter cartridges in the water filter cartridge market. The manufacturing process is rough, the filter aperture error is too large, or because the density of the whole water filter cartridges is insufficient, deformation reaction occurs when high water pressure is encountered, which is not effective. The impurities are filtered, causing the impurities to flow to the high-precision water filter cartridges, causing problems such as clogging.

When purchasing a PP water filter cartridges, you can use a simple method to identify the quality: press it up to see if the feel is solid, and the solid water filter cartridge has better compression performance. At the same time, the formality of the water filter cartridges manufacturer is also the basis for considering the quality of the water filter cartridges.

The water filter cartridges is usually used in combination with the filter housing. There is a strict process ratio between the two, and there are errors that may cause the water purifier to leak. The water filter cartridges filter paper produced by the regular water purifier manufacturer is uniform, the paper surface is neat, and the inferior water filter cartridge has uneven color and poor texture. The glue of the water filter cartridges is also one of the inspection standards. The water filter cartridges produced by the regular water purifier manufacturer is rich in elasticity. In addition, the heavier water filter cartridges prove that the fiber density is also large and the quality is better.

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