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How to Judge The Quality of The Booster Pump of The Water Filter Spare Parts

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of booster pumps, and the technology and process are not the same. How can the same pressure increase the gap between the booster pumps of the Water Filter Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) and the quality of the same products?

1. Listen: Run the booster pump, listen to its commutation and running sounds, and hear the sound of the metal crash that proves that its internal design is defective. Soon, the buzz is flawed in its commutation and stroke.

2. Look: A good booster pump has a larger bore and stroke. The technical factory has omitted the externally prominent parts to be built-in, and the overall is more generous and beautiful. Look at whether the booster cylinder is a double cylinder and what material, the inner layer of 304 stainless steel, the outer layer of aluminum alloy to facilitate heat dissipation and ensure its safety.

3. Touch: Run the booster pump for half an hour, and touch the cylinder if it is hot or hot. The temperature is normal or low, which proves that its heat dissipation performance is good. Excessive temperature proves that the internal structure is unreasonable, resulting in increased friction and poor heat dissipation.

4. Plugging: The booster pump itself has a venting gas booster pump, which blocks the venting hole when the booster pump is running with a well-sealed item or finger. If the booster pump stops working and proves that it is operating normally, if it continues to work, the design or workmanship is not precise, resulting in incomplete sealing, which will affect the purity of the subsequent pressurized medium and the pressure ratio is not proportional.

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