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Cooking Fever Bakery is available when you first start the game

Cooking Fever Hell's Kitchen is the most challenging restaurant yet, with minimal amounts of cooking utensils and surfaces available to start and high costs for upgrades. There are two currencies in this game: coins, and gems. The cheapest upgrades only cost some coins, but most upgrades and all location unlocks will cost some amount of both currencies.

Once you level up, you will earn lots of Cooking Fever Coins that you can use to upgrade your restaurants, kitchen equipment, and interior. However, you might be tempted to spend your coins and gems to unlock more restaurants. We advise you to save your coins and, most especially, your gems until you get to level 7, as this level will let you unlock the casino that will give you the chance to win 15 gems a day. 
The upgrades that you want to get is that you want to get the upgrades that allow your table and grill to be able to seat more people and cook more food respectively.  By doing both of these, you will be able to sit more people, which means that you will miss fewer people in every round so that they can sit down instead of waiting and eventually getting too frustrated and leaving.  So by getting additional tables, you will be able to score a couple more customers so that they don’t leave. 
You will win 7 gems each time you level up in the game. You level up in the game each 10,000 experience points. You can earn experience points through the tasks for each restaurant, in addition to playing levels. If you are playing additional levels for the sake of winning XP and leveling up, go back and play the early levels after you have upgraded some ingredients or equipment. You will  probably be able to get 3 stars in the at least the first 1 levels of each restaurant once you have  done some upgrades. Getting 3 stars and/or serving customers quicker thanks to the upgrade will often trigger those tasks. 
Cooking Fever Bakery is available when you first start the game and others will become available as you gain XP (Experience Points).  Each unlocked restaurant has a main status screen which provides you with an overview of your standings in that restaurant.  This screen has links to the Kitchen and Interior Upgrades screens. The main screen is also where you can view and claim your restaurant Daily Income.
This will ultimately get you a lot more cash over time and be well worth it in the end when you need to score that one last customer.  If you don’t upgrade your tables, it will be much more difficult to seat everyone and you will struggle to serve them because there is still a wait time in terms of how long they take to eat and order, so you have to have a decent number of tables so that you can continuously seat people without too much trouble. 
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