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12:14 PM   [16 Jun 2019 | Sunday]

Ask The LED Street Lights Manufacturer's Important Questions

The recent increase in the popularity of LED street lights has attracted many new manufacturers and distributors to enter the field. Most Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) provide quality products that provide good service and value to consumers. For example, if you are considering an important lighting project, instead of replacing several incandescent or fluorescent bulbs with new LEDs, you should determine if your LED street lights manufacturers can be your partner in creating the best lighting solution. . Provide the best long-term service for your project.

A useful strategy when choosing a LED street lights manufacturers for a complex project is to ask the following questions:

How long has the manufacturer distributed and sold LED products? Many people who have recently entered the LED supply market hold quality products, but have little or no institutional knowledge and which products will be the best choice for your project. LED bulbs, fixtures and systems have more options than traditional lighting. Find manufacturers who have accumulated experience and find out which products are the best choice for your specific application.

Does the LED street lights manufacturers carry higher quality products? Due to the differences and new developments in LED technology, LED bulbs and luminaires are not universal or alternative products. Better quality LEDs will have a longer life and are more efficient, and these products will save you more money and save energy over a longer period of time. Find a manufacturer of high quality LED street lights that you can offer.

Does your LED street lights manufacturers know about LED technology and specifications? LEDs generate light through solid state electronics and control circuitry. Because they are more efficient than traditional bulbs, the LED light size is more suitable for specifying with lumens, which is the amount of light produced by the bulb, not the watt, which is the level of power consumption. In addition, LED lights have a wide range of illumination color temperatures and color rendering indices. If you don't have a good grasp of the nature and quality of the light you need for your application, find a manufacturer of LED street lights with technical expertise to provide you with relevant knowledge.

Does your LED street lights manufacturers provide after-sales support? The actual situation of your lighting project may differ from the paper plan for that project. If you have problems or need support when installing and operating your lighting system, the LED street lights manufacturers will be better able to serve you, the manufacturer knows your system and can provide you with installation and operational support to maximize The advantages of LED lighting.

Can your LED street lights manufacturers provide all the products and information you need? LED lighting systems not only include replacement of LED bulbs. Your lighting application will inevitably provide you with a better service, using fixtures and control systems that match the LED bulbs you choose. Your LED street lights manufacturers should also be able to provide you with complete technical and installation specifications for all components in your LED lighting application.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Solar led street light.

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