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12:24 PM   [12 Jun 2019 | Wednesday]

The Yangtze River Delta Should Have Something to Do with LED Public Lighting

As the leading region of domestic lighting technology, the Yangtze River Delta is supposed to be a sea of rivers and rivers. It is absolutely impossible to adopt the "standard" policy of closing the country in some places, and it is even more important to respect the science and respect the reality. It is under this guiding ideology that the region first applied Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) solutions in the tunnels on a large scale, and through the early use and improvement, its advantages of energy saving and long service life were greatly revealed, and the early failure and maintenance amount were greatly reduced. , which is also recognized by all parties.

As far as the results of serious experiments and demonstrations have been carried out, they must be implemented conscientiously in the renovation of lighting, and no personal fraud is allowed. From this aspect, it is recommended that the public lighting management agencies in the Yangtze River Delta must conduct expert reviews of products and technical solutions, and approve and supervise the competent authorities and users. If it is not scientific, fair and just, it will not reflect the scientific, leading and impartial nature of public lighting in the Yangtze River Delta. There are good experiences, conclusions and results. It is only like the chaos in some places in China that it can only damage the image of LED public lighting, which will definitely hinder the development of efficient and intelligent LED public lighting.

In summary, the application of LED products has matured in road lighting. Taking Los Angeles as an example, it can be clearly seen that after the replacement of LED street lights in the city, road lighting conditions are saving electricity, reducing carbon emissions and remote monitoring. Dimming, improved visibility and uniformity have been greatly improved and improved (Figure 7). According to relevant statistics, the city of Los Angeles has achieved an actual average energy saving of 62.9% (equipment energy saving plus regulation and energy saving); reduced CO2 emissions by 40,500 tons / year, and after two years of operation, in the light fade, failure rate, illumination, brightness, Uniformity, color temperature, power consumption, power factor, harmonic distortion, control capability, electrical connection, installation and maintenance of lamps have obvious advantages. And it is worth mentioning that according to Los Angeles police statistics, after using LED street lights, the crime rate dropped by 10.5%. Therefore, it can be said that we should be rigorous and speed up the action, and accelerate the development of LED road lighting has become the trend of the times.

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