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Furniture Mould Industrial Technology Competition

After a long period of development, the Furniture Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) industry is currently in a rising period. At this stage, what kind of development method should the furniture mould company adopt? It has become a problem that major mould companies are actively thinking about. Long-term price wars are gradually accepted by enterprises, and technological competition is gradually emerging.

The domestic furniture mould industry is at the low end of the world furniture mould industry. This situation is related to the low level of technology and ongoing price wars across the industry. In order to develop, the furniture mould industry must continuously increase research and development funds, increase the technological content, and produce products with core competitiveness. Strengthening product research and development efforts can really change the current competition model.

Why is the domestic furniture mould industry always playing a price war? There are many enterprises engaged in the production of furniture mould in China, but the scale is relatively small, basically all of them are small workshop models, and the technical content is very low.

The products produced by the small furniture mould company are basically imitated, resulting in more and more uniform middle and low-grade moulds. Furniture mould companies are facing the problem of overcapacity and inventory backlog.

In order to increase sales, furniture mould companies will lower the price of their products. Several furniture and mould companies have cut prices, which eventually led to the whole industry being in trouble and the profits of enterprises are becoming less and less. When profits continue to shrink, the company has no additional funds for product development.

Long-term price wars within the industry will affect the entire industry. China's furniture mold companies should increase the technical content of their products, from the current price war to the technical competition.

From now on, it is only necessary to seize market share rather than profit, and become a common market to make a profit. It is believed that after the transformation of the competition model, the production level of the enterprise can be greatly improved, effectively combating vicious competition and bringing the furniture mold industry to a higher level.

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