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How to Ensure The Quality of Furniture Mould?

Furniture Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) belong to a high-precision machine, and all parts rely on their own lubrication, so how to check the processing of furniture mould is particularly important. After the furniture mould is processed, the plastic mould parts are checked as follows:

1. Check the dimensional accuracy, shape position accuracy, surface hardness and heat treatment requirements of the parts, and require drawing requirements and related technical conditions. View the necessary original records;

2. For parts with assembly requirements, it is required to meet the cooperation requirements, that is, to maintain the required coordination tolerances. The tolerance size limit of the unmarked tolerance dimension shall be in accordance with the accuracy of IT14 specified in gb1804-79, that is, the hole size is H14, the shaft size is H14, and the length dimension is Is14;

3, the surface of the furniture mould parts after processing shall not have scratches, dents, cracks, burrs, rust and other defects;

4. The sharp edges of the non-working surface not specified on the part drawing shall be rounded, and the rounded corners shall be R1mm or 1mm * 45o;

5. The hardness of the parts after heat treatment of the furniture mould should be uniform, and decarburization, softening and cracking are not allowed;

6. The moulding surface polishing requires only rough polishing and can reach ra0.2um. After the mould test of the furniture mould is passed, it will be thoroughly polished. After passing the qualified test mode, the trademark text, pattern and leather will be processed.

7. The thread start and stop of the forming thread core and the ring should be repaired as the entire tooth, ie the incomplete buckle is removed.

8. When installing furniture mould, the injection moulding machine should be used to prevent movement and lag.

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