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World of Warcraft Classic Beta: Blizzard enhances the upper limit to 40, Arathi Basin for testing

The latest update for the ongoing beta version of "World of Warcraft Classic" just declined, and this also version can be of great interest to everyone existing closed beta players.

After a prosperous stress test on May 22 and May 29 a year ago, players who may have the privilege of doing the World of Warcraft classic closed test are in possession of some new expectations, as Blizzard announces the return in the Arathi Basin and boosts the level cap. To further test new areas in classic mmoah MMO games. The update will arrive on June 6th (this Thursday).

The announcement originated from Kaivax, an online community manager about the Blizzard forum, and noticed that the beta is going to be released later right now to make opportunity for incoming updates. The World of Warcraft Classic Closed Beta might be maintained and can bring a fresh level cap - from 40-45. In the words of community administrators, "Allow testers to remain places like Stranglethorn, Desolace and Arathi Highlands (yet others)." This also shows that the Warsong Gulch area is going to be closed.

If we continue with the schedule of Blizzard's plan, the beta should go smoothly. After the first 2 stress tests, another stress test still requires a month, and that we may expect the intermediate time for it to be used to periodically update the closed test version.

To further assist in the testing effort, Blizzard also reduced the money necessary for re-adjusting all closed test characters for World Of Warcraft Classic Gold all those players - ie resetting statistics and skills. The cost change is very large - it will likely be charged in silver as opposed to gold and is also 99% a lot less than the previous cost. However, this only applies to the test version.

Finally, Blizzard also announced fro the post that Arathi Basin will likely conduct limited testing inside the closed beta. Players who would like to experience it require a level 20 or better character to participate in, so consider this.

For players that have not yet chosen to enter test phase, don't lose faith - Blizzard hasn't issued any statement, indicating which the player may be stopped during the examination.

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