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12:31 PM   [02 Jun 2019 | Sunday]

LED Street Lights Manufacturers Teaches You to Use High Bay Lighting

Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) have been developing for several years to develop objective guidelines for when to use high-bay lighting for commercial or industrial facilities. Understanding the reasons behind these guidelines will help facility managers select the best high-bay lighting for their specific facility.

High-bay lighting fixtures are typically installed in any facility with a ceiling height of more than 20 feet. Typical twenty to forty feet are common in facilities such as stadiums, warehouses, manufacturing plants, hangars, and distribution centers. Many facilities with high bay lighting fixtures operate 24 hours or are internal locations without ambient outdoor lighting and therefore require good lighting to allow for 24/7 operation without changing or changing environmental conditions. Good high-bay lighting fixtures with reflectors and optics provide more uniform beam scatter over a large area to eliminate shadows and dark areas.

Most elevated facilities have traditionally relied on a series of high pressure sodium lights or metal halide floodlights to illuminate the entire facility as widely and indiscriminately as possible. Due to their high ceiling height, the high bay facility is not suitable for linear or panel lights that are better suited for lower ceiling heights. Newly built elevated facilities and existing facilities are considering lighting retrofits that will realize many of the benefits of installing LED high-bay lighting fixtures.

LED high-bay luminaires can also be configured to provide near-perfect uniform illumination in all areas included in overhead installations. Industrial LED luminaires with different beam spread modes can be combined in a single overhead facility to create floor and facility lighting without shadows or black spots. In addition, the quality of the lighting provided by LED luminaires helps workers in these areas to see the fine details and color contrast of surfaces and materials in the work environment. In the high-activity high bay area, this feature of LED high-bay lighting will reduce accidents and errors caused by poor lighting in the work area.

Power facilities and maintenance costs are often important operating costs for overhead facilities. LED high-bay lighting can greatly reduce these costs because of their higher efficiency, longer life and longer durability. In most cases, the High Bay facility can recover its LED retrofit costs from utility savings within two years. The improved lifetime and durability of LED lighting not only reduces overall maintenance costs, but also reduces maintenance downtime for the facility, thereby increasing overall productivity.

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