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How Will Facebook Change WhatsApp?

 The exchange of WhatsApp by Facebook for $19 million caused quite a ruckus in the computer industry. Now that the offer has gone through - following finding agreement from the Western Commission and the FTC - many people are expecting the changes that Facebook will make to the WhatsApp service.

While privacy painful and sensitive people might be apprehensive about any prospective changes, it is certain that Facebook will have some plans in your mind to generate revenue from the acquisition. While the business reported that VoIP features could launch in the second quarter of 2014, it overlooked the deadline. Even though Apple and Bing have beaten it to the strike with VoIP, there's no doubt that WhatsApp can however launch VoIP calling sometime in the future.

Currently, communications on the WhatsApp software are limited by registered  whatsapp stickers people only. Once VoIP calling is presented, the business may offer bundles of communications or minutes to enable conversations with non-WhatsApp people as well. With countless people sending billions of communications, such a transfer could improve industry reveal and combine WhatsApp's position as the most used messaging software across numerous markets.

While WhatsApp has generally maintained that it can stay a communication software and not just a content distribution one, Facebook may plan to combine payments within the service. Competitors like Kakao Speak and WeChat generate revenue by selling stickers and different micro-transaction payment models. Facebook may soon offer this function for WhatsApp people as well.

Beyond such traditional business types, Facebook could have plans to position WhatsApp as an MVNO. What would that entail? WhatsApp has already experimented with this particular alternative in Germany by partnering with E-Plus, a mobile operator. E-Plus and WhatsApp have released a prepaid Sim card with WhatsApp marketing which include endless communications through the service. Users do not have to pay for WhatsApp information consumption and can send communications even if they've number calling credit left. Inturn, E-Plus could benefit by getting people from rival carriers.

Even though edges are blade slim for MVNOs, WhatsApp can power such relationships to register new people and develop faster compared to the competition. This may be particularly helpful for Facebook in areas wherever it's seen slow development such as for instance in Germany or amongst young and more privacy conscious consumers. At least for the present time, WhatsApp people appear to trust the support far more than they do Facebook. If it makes the right actions, WhatsApp could prove to become a great strategic exchange for Facebook.

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