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World of Warcraft Classic: Blizzard announced the following stress test on May 29

The beta version of "World of Warcraft Classic" continues, and from now on Blizzard has released information on the second wave of stress tests, that will be launched into your server in the near future.

In another post/update with the Blizzard Forum, community manager Bornakk detailed the success from the first stress test, and the subsequent stress test that players should be expecting WOW Classic Gold will fall on May 29. If you don't know, the network stress test is certainly a different beast through the closed test. Stress exams are severely limited in content, such as the initial test, which has been held on May 22. The first test only permits you to upgrade to level 5 and you from the PvP domain. This is to make certain the server could get the load they should fully plan the August 27th World of Warcraft classic game Blizzard.

Bornakk also said in a very community post that this team has learned a lot from your players who attempted to log in to your launcher. This is primarily because Blizzard has announced that they'll bring some players out with the existing closed test pool into the stress test itself. This news allowed you to Buy WOW Classic Gold check their account, which in turn allowed Blizzard to know the pressure the server would face when the game was finally launched.

However, on account of some problems, Blizzard wouldn't get some of the data essential to World of Warcraft classics, which means that another stress test can be really important. This will open at 5 pm on May 29th. At 7:00 pm EST, the US East Time. The stress test field is going to be available to everyone who conducted the tension test on May 22 not too long ago. This means that should you be part of the first person, you then also need to attend the subsequent one there. The pressure field test might last until 7 pm on May 30th. EDT, so everyone involved can watch it.

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