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Choose UV System As Your Water Filter Spare Parts

If you choose UV, please note that in addition to the UV system, a separate pre-filter (or even a water softener) is likely. The Water Filter Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) will protect the UV unit and ensure it is working properly. Be careful to properly maintain any pre-filtration systems (such as precipitation filters, carbon filters, water softeners, and other systems) and periodically confirm that they work as expected. This will include regular replacement of the water filter spare parts and the addition of chemicals or other solutions as needed.

Even from the same source or well, water chemistry and contaminants can change over time. Therefore, the amount of bacteria in the water should be tested every six months or at least annually. When collecting test samples, water should be sampled before and after the UV unit to test its performance. Water should also be sampled in areas where the animal is in contact with water, as bacterial regeneration may occur downstream of the UV units in these areas.

Many UV systems are equipped with a light intensity meter or sensor that indicates the penetration of UV light through the glass casing and water. When the UV dose is too low to provide adequate disinfection, these sensors will give a warning signal and indicate when it is necessary to clean the quartz sleeve and/or replace the UV lamp. If the UV system does not have a sensor, it is best to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning and replacement - usually every other year for lamp replacement and sleeve cleaning; sleeve replacement every two years.

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