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Air Cooler Mould Design Method Can Not Meet Market Demand

The plastics industry has been very agile for the past 20 years. As early as seven years ago, the annual output of plastics exceeded the annual output of steel and non-ferrous metals. It is widely used in various related categories. There are many ways in which Air Cooler Mould(FURNITUREMOULD)plastic products, but the most important method is injection moulding.

With the increasing complexity and precision requirements of plastic products and the shortening of production cycles, traditional air cooler mould design methods cannot meet market requirements based on experience. In large complex small precision injection moulds, China still needs to import from abroad.

The traditional injection moulding simulation software is based on the finished intermediate layer mould. The user first abstracts the thin-walled plastic product into an approximate plane and surface, called the intermediate layer. Two-dimensional planar triangular meshes are generated on these intermediate layers, and these two-dimensional planar triangular meshes are used for finite element calculations, and the final analytical results are displayed on the intermediate surface. Most of the injection moulding moulds use three-dimensional solid moulds, because the two models are different and cannot prevent secondary moulding. However, extracting intermediate levels from 3D solids is a daunting task due to the complex and variable shape of the injection moulded product. The extraction process is cumbersome and time consuming, so designers are concerned about simulation software, which has become injection moulding simulation software. Promote the use of bottlenecks.

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