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Basic Characteristics of Table Mould Processing

The mould company tells you that Table Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) processing has the following basic characteristics:

The machining accuracy is high. A pair of moulds generally consists of a die, a punch and a die, and some may be more split modules. Therefore, the combination, the lower die, the combined block and the cavity, require high machining accuracy to separate between the modules.

In small batches, mould production is not produced in batches, and in many cases it is often only produced one.

The shape is complicated, and some products such as automobile parts, aircraft parts, toys, household appliances, the surface shape is determined by various curved surfaces, and therefore, the cavity surface is very complicated. Some surfaces must be processed mathematically.

Process, table mould processing must use milling, boring, drilling, reaming and tapping. High hardness, excellent mould material, the main material of the mould is made of high quality alloy steel, especially the long life of the mould, often using Crl2, CrWMn and Leysite steel. This forged, machined and heat treated steel has stringent requirements.

Repeated operation, when using a table mould is to use a mould during its service life, it must be replaced with a new mould, so mould production is usually repeated.

Sectional drawings, sometimes without pattern mould production, no data, and processing materials according to profiles. This requires imitation precision and no distortion.

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