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12:41 PM   [21 May 2019 | Tuesday]

Basic Pouring of Solar LED Street Light

1. Establish the installation of street lights: According to the construction drawings and the geological conditions of the survey site, there is no street light at the top of the street light to reach the street light distance of 40 meters to determine the installation position of the street light, Solar led street light(CLASSIC) or the correct replacement of the street light installation position.

2. Excavate the roadbed pit: Excavate the street light foundation pit at the fixed street light installation position. If the surface is 1 meter soft, the excavation depth will be deepened. And identify and protect other facilities in the excavation site (such as cables, pipes, etc.).

3. Dig a hole in the battery compartment to store the battery. If the excavation pit is not wide enough, continue to dig wide and have enough space to accommodate the battery compartment.

4. Pour the embedment part of the road base: In the pit 1 m deep, place the embedded part in the pit, insert one end of the wire tube into the middle of the embedded part, insert the embedded battery into the other end and insert the embedded part, foundation and The ground is kept at the same level. The C20 concrete is then used for casting on the insert. The casting process is constantly agitated to ensure compactness and robustness throughout the embedded area.

5. After the construction is completed, clean the residue on the positioning plate in time until the concrete is completely solidified (about 4 days, the weather is good, 3 days).

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