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Early Attempts to Produce Water Filter Cartridges

The earliest attempts to produce Water Filter Cartridges(KOKOELECTRIC) date back to 2000 BC. The ancient method of purifying water was recorded and outlined in the early Sanskrit writings. Conventional methods include boiling the liquid by placing a basin of water at a high temperature or placing a hot metal appliance therein. Other strategies use grit or charcoal filters to provide better drinking water. Many people think that the water with good taste is clean and there are no harmful organisms, but this is not always the case.

Centuries later, Hippocrates developed its own water purification method and established the theory of "four kinds of humor." He believes that the body's basic fluid is directly related to the four temperatures. He designed and built his own raw water filtration system (called the Hippocratic Sleeve) to help purify the water he gave to the patient. This water filtration system pours boiling water into the bag to capture any particles that cause undesirable taste and odor.

In the Middle Ages, several water filtration experiments were tried, but due to the lack of scientific background, most of the record efforts were unsuccessful. In this era, the first recognized water filtration experiment was carried out by Sir Francis Bacon in 1627. He believes that seawater can be purified and cleaned for drinking, and he tries to use sand as a filter to desalinate seawater. Bacon believes that sand can separate salts when water passes, but unfortunately, the theory proves to be untrue.

The Renaissance triggered several amazing inventions. Microscopy is a major innovation that is critical to water purification. Robert Hooke, the father of the British microscope, confirmed with a microscope that a drop of water was full of microbes. Soon, scientists around the world began to study these tiny living creatures and explore how they affect water safety and cleanliness.

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