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Air Cooler Mould Processing Equipment Needs to Improve Processing Performance

Air Cooler Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) processing equipment needs to improve processing performance, mainly reflected in:

1. The air cooler is getting bigger and bigger, the production requirements of parts are getting higher and higher, the mould cavity is getting bigger and bigger, the air cooler mould is getting bigger and bigger, and the cavity needs very good air cooler mould processing equipment. , increase YZ axis travel, large bearings, high rigidity, high consistency.

2. The air cooler mould material has high hardness and requires air cooler mould processing equipment with thermal stability and high reliability.

3. Complex cavity and multi-functional composite moulds, as complex shaped parts, must improve the level of air cooler mould design and manufacturing, various grooves, various materials in plastic boxes to wash or assemble components in the air In the cooler mould, a large number of machining programming programs are required, which have high deep cavity overall cutting ability and high stability, and improve processing difficulty.

4. The refinement of air cooler mould processing makes the high efficiency of composite processing equipment more attractive. High-speed milling has the advantages of high hardness, stable processing, small cutting force, small workpiece temperature and deformation, which makes air cooler mould enterprises pay more and more attention to high-speed machining.

5. High dynamic accuracy. Static performance introduced by machine tool builders (such as repeatable positioning accuracy and linear feed rate) does not reflect the actual machining conditions of the 3D surface treatment of air cooler mould. The precision machining of 3D surface air cooler mould requires high-precision dynamic performance, high speed and high precision, and combined quality control systems are possible in high rigidity, high thermal stability and high reliability machine tools.

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