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12:22 PM   [12 May 2019 | Sunday]

LED Street Lights Manufacturers Let You Know The Purchase Instructions

It is inevitable to choose good lamps for home decoration. The shape of the lamps needs to be coordinated with the decoration style and function. How to choose the right luminaire, especially the LED luminaire, not only to meet the needs of the lighting environment, but also to meet the requirements of healthy lighting. LED lights do not shine better, ordinary consumers are easy to fall into misunderstanding, when a white LED light and a warm LED light are put together, think of white light than the warm color of the light, mistakenly think white is better. Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) let you know the purchase instructions.

In fact, in places where we live and stay for a long time, we should choose 4000K and below color temperature LED lamps, which can effectively reduce or avoid the impact of blue light on human health, and also has a very important significance for protecting vision. The color temperature of 4000K and below can be displayed very intuitively.

Harmonics are more professional, and ordinary consumers are not easy to understand. The choice of lamps cannot judge the amount of harmonics. Our AC is a 50Hz sine wave, but due to the use of a large number of electronic products and other non-linear loads, our power supply or circuit is not pure sine wave, it is mixed with waveforms of other frequencies, the higher the harmonic content, the more the impact Big. Harmonics have multiple hazards, and for users, energy consumption increases, and radio equipment can cause interference. How can we easily judge harmonics? If the radio noise is large, a semiconductor radio can be taken near the LED lamp, indicating that the higher the harmonic content of the LED lamp, the more serious the radio interference.

The stroboscopic effect is also a term, that is, according to a certain frequency change, the observed motion of the object and its actual motion state are static or different. Consumers don't understand. The stroboscopic effect is also caused by the 50 Hz AC current, so we solve the problem of converting 50 Hz AC to a higher frequency or becoming a DC. Indeed, we can distinguish between video mode by mobile phone or camera. If the display on the screen shows that the LED light is more jittery, it means that the strobe is more serious and people's vision will be harmful.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Solar led street light.

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