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Chair Mould Insulation Method

The Chair Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) operates at relatively high temperatures, such as 80 degrees Celsius or 176 degrees Fahrenheit. If the chair mould is not insulated, the air and the injection machine lose as much heat as the injector cylinder.

Therefore, you need to insulate the chair mould frame and, if possible, insulate the chair mould surface. If you are considering using a hot runner mould, try reducing the heat exchange between the hot runner section and the cooling injection mould. This method can reduce energy loss and warm-up time.

In general, higher chair mould temperatures reduce the amount of plastic that condenses within the mould cavity, making it easier for the molten material to flow within the mould cavity, resulting in greater part weight and better surface quality. At the same time, the mould temperature increases the tensile strength of the part.

In many injection moulding machines, this naturally means that the flow rate through the gate and the cavity is faster because the injection flow control valve used cannot correct this change, and the faster filling in the flow channel and cavity causes higher Effective pressure.

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