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Advantages of Injection Chair Mould Analysis

The development of the industry shows that the knowledge-related knowledge transmission rate will become lighter and lighter. Here are the advantages of Chair Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) injection and blow moulding:

(1) When the melt is injected into the cavity of the chair mould, there is a certain orientation effect in the circumferential direction. In addition, the temperature of the billet is lower than the temperature of the extrusion blow, and the orientation effect by the blowing can be more maintained, which contributes to the strength and other properties of the container.

(2) High dimensional accuracy of the container (especially the size of the neck thread): It is easier to ensure uniform wall thickness and uniform container size according to requirements.

(3) No seams are formed on the container, no trimming is required, and no residual material is generally produced (the remaining material produced by extrusion blow moulding is usually 5% to 30%).

(4) The container has a high gloss, and the container formed of the transparent polymer is always transparent.

(5) The sliding bottom module can be placed on the blow moulding machine mould, so the shape of the bottom shape of the container is more flexible.

(6) More suitable for rigid plastic containers and wide mouth containers.

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