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12:00 PM   [05 May 2019 | Sunday]


 Who are the true creatives? The answer might surprise you. Because of the ways society and cultures divide people groups from others, numerous individuals fail to see themselves as who they really are. We love our categories -our boxes, so we can fit in somewhere. Have that sense of belonging and exclusivity. We want to define our identity. So, who are the true creatives? Are they the writers, poets, singers, musicians and artists? Yes; however, they are only segments of the creatives as a whole.

   We are created in the image of God. How did He first reveal Himself in the Bible? As our Creator. Would you agree then, as The Creator of all things, He is creative? What does that make you? Creative! So, the short answer to our question is everyone on the entire planet is creative. Unfortunately, many realms of creativity are not recognized as creative. If you found a solution to a problem, you’re creative. You created a solution. Would you agree inventors are creative? Of course you would. What about a teacher, an accountant, a fireman, a laborer, a parent and so on? They are all creative. Each one requires creativity of sorts to function in their roles. To be human is to be creative!

   Here’s where a couple problems lie with the concept of who are considered creatives. First, is the division based upon the world system which has a three core elements of its foundation: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life (see 1 John 2:16). That pride thing causes people to desire superiority over others. “I’m this; they aren’t!” And it cuts both ways. One wants to be superior over another, while one wants to be superior under the other. In the latter, it’s like the proverbial, taking pride in one’s humility. Are there divisions mentioned in the Bible? Sure. Consider these examples. We find in the days of David there were divisions for praise and worship. There were singers and musicians skilled in leading others. However, everyone is called to sing a new song unto the Lord. Everyone! An individual may physically sing out of tune; but, when it’s of a pure heart unto the Lord, it’s in perfect pitch. After all, we were created to worship in Spirit and in truth. Obviously, not everyone are apostles, but yet everyone should be apostolic. That simply means we make the environment in which we live as much like heaven as possible. Are all pastors who care for the flock? No, but we are to care for others. Not everyone is in the office of a teacher, and yet we’re all to be apt to teach. The offices help equip the Body of Christ to function in certain ways (see Ephesians 4:11-13).

   The misuse of groupings, which in essence equates to divisions, has led to individuals not using their creativity. Everyone is gifted. It’s a question of recognizing the gift and using it. Some are blessed in using their gifts without thinking about what their gifts are labeled. Regrettably, because some don’t consider themselves as gifted, they fail to recognize and use theirs. “Oh, I could never do that.” Unfortunately, society tends to celebrate certain people, while overlooking the “mundane” contributions of others. And frankly, our gifts were never meant to stand alone nor elevate some above others. They were designed to be interdependent, while edifying one another. God is a respecter of none, but He does hold us accountable as stewards of what He’s given us. When culture places someone on a pedestal, it diminishes the rest. We’re designed to worship, and if we don’t worship God Who alone is worthy, we will worship someone or something else. That’s part of the reason some are elevated above what they should be. To be clear, we are to give honor to whom honor is due. It’s a beautiful thing to celebrate another along with his or her accomplishments; but, God alone is ever to be worshipped!

   So, go ahead and create in the way you were designed. Be the creative you!


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