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Reproduce the classic legend to reveal the elegant path of Lady Dior

Since the birth of Replica Cheap Dior Bags, there have been countless designs that have astounded the world, and several of them are Dior historical classics. LadyDior is one of the most famous series in Dior bags. In 1995, it sang internationally because of the sympathy with Dai Li. Now that the beauty has gone, LadyDior continues its mysterious temperament and noble dreams with its exquisite craftsmanship and elegant appearance.

Gianfranco Ferre, who served as Dior's design director in the mid-1990s, designed a handbag inspired by the Napoleon III salon chair used in the 1947 Dior fashion show. The Cannage motif is derived from the traditional craftsmanship of woven reeds, straw and vine branches, and has since become the main element of 18th century furniture. The pattern is derived from the back of the neo-Louis 16th century chair, which was exhibited at the 30avenue Montaigne. In addition, the Cannage-patterned golden chair is also complemented by the elegance of the fashion show. Dior sincerely introduces this beautiful pattern through a series of works.
The diamond-shaped rib is a unique symbol of Dior's products, inspired by a chair of Napoleon III.

When it comes to Fake New Lady Dior Handbags, I have to mention its relationship with Princess Diana. In September 1995, the LadyDior handbag appeared on the front page of the major media, and was called the "big machine late" accessory by the fashion industry. It was named "LadyDior", and the more direct reason came from the late Princess Diana. In 1996, when Princess Diana attended the "Cezanne Exhibition" sponsored by the LVMH Group and held at the Grand Palais Grand Palais in Paris, Mrs. Jacques Chirac (former French President's wife) presented a new Dior handbag to her.

When she took the Fake Cheap Luxury Handbag and visited the Foundation for Conductive Education in Birmingham, England, Princess Diana met a lovely boy and hugged him. This picture happened to be captured by the female photographer Janye Fincher of the British royal family. The black handbag held by Princess Diana was also followed by everyone's eyes. Thus, this short-born handbag was renamed LadyDior in 1996 to show the lofty respect of Princess Diana. It is said that the name "Lady" is also because the father of Princess Diana is EarlSpencer, so Princess Diana has the innate Lady title.

The plaid of LadyDior handbags is called Cannage, and Cannage is inspired by a chair by Napoleon III. In 1947, Mr. Dior used this chair to entertain his guests in his own fashion show. In 1996, the leather craftsman of the factory reinterpreted Cannage, which was integrated into the LadyDior handbag and became an important part of the handbag. Cannage, including the production of LadyDior, carries out the high-level customization of ready-to-wear. From making materials, craftsmanship to detailing, such as four metal slings hanging from the handlebars, almost all done by hand. The leather that has been screened through many processes is dyed by various treatments and then cut into dozens of small pieces of leather of the same size and size of the handbags.

These components include the handle, bottom, side and front of the bag. A wooden mold that is necessary in this process is quite special, that is, several pieces of three-dimensionally cut wood into a handbag mold. Just like the common shoe last, this wooden mold will be used as a tool for inner support to control the shape of the handbag. The craftsman will pack each piece of leather that is part of a different part on the mold surface to ensure that each box-shaped LadyDior handbag is exactly the same size and shape, minimizing errors. After that, after the process of pasting, sewing and hammering, the approximate prototype of the bag is presented to the people. The entire LadyDior handbag needs 95 steps to make.

TheLady Has Arrived 2011 demonstrates the importance of the power and destruction of women today. Fully tap the creative potential of destruction. Do not break. Explosion: the beauty of destruction.

Viewed from the outer shell, the texture and color of the item itself is filtered and scattered into countless individual glass beads. Therefore, each glass bead is a separate "prism", which is a new visual medium. This new method of timely freeze-frame images is like a new type of sketch or photography.
In his work "PixCell-Bag, LADYDIOR, GreyandSilverPython", the theme is a snake skin LadyDior handbag, the color and texture of the handbag is covered with countless transparent glass beads (or bubbles), the artist converts the item into An image, a simple visual symbol, is the beauty that the viewer needs to understand with his heart. "

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