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The Forgotten Marx Brother

 Who is Hamid Karzai? Oh we realize he could be the President of Afghanistan, but who is he and what does he are a symbol of? I think that should you gone down the street and asked 10 Americans who had been the leader of Afghanistan, only possibly a few might know the answer. Karzai is not the absolute most famous person on the planet, being leader of a small country that is certainly caused by included with very rough ground including mountains. He's a kind of strange figure to most of us. But is he actually that hard to understand? If we check out the man's lineage we find he comes from probably one of the very famous families in most of Afghanistan. His household was associated with politics planning back once again to the first 20th century and many presented roles in the government. He exposed his documents to the general public a few years ago and it showed he was making approximately $525 per month and had significantly less than $20,000 in the financial institution, so I do not believe that anybody could state that he was inside it for the cash, until he's actually really good at covering that fact. Yuri Vanetik 

He made the news recently when he explained that Iran was providing him income and that the United Claims was offering him bags of money. When he was requested if the United Claims really offered him bags of money, he said quite really yes they gave me bags of money. He said, the money is quite appropriate and is used to perform the government and it's all been stated and is all above table and he also said that other countries led money for the exact same cause. One has to appreciate that Afghanistan is an incredibly poor country and while their economy is slowly growing, they still do not need enough income to perform the country properly. Afghanistan has been accused of being a haven for Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, but Karzai was focused on driving them out of his country. At first he believed that the Taliban may bring buy to Afghanistan, and he reinforced them. He rapidly transformed his brain however and dropped his help, even though he explained that there was however a lot of good persons in the Taliban.
In 1999 his dad was assassinated and it's thought that this is Taliban retribution. Once the US supported the Taliban taking get a grip on of Afghanistan, he was very unhappy. Sure it's true only once we reinforced Castro at first, we reinforced the Taliban, nonetheless it did not last also long. Karzai was very angry once we supported them and said that Al-Qaeda was dealing with the Taliban. He wanted all international enemy causes out of his country, and who can blame him. He still thinks that Afghanistan has been the greatest victim of terrorism in the world. The reason why he thinks that is that terrorists often run into the border eliminating civilians and leaving. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand the motives of a person who comes from an alternative the main earth and this really is also correct in Karzai's case. He was asked years back by the United Claims to let's spray and destroy the poppy plant and he refused. Some say the explanation for his refusal was the fact his countrymen are so exceedingly poor, that ruining the poppy plant might cause many of them to starve to death.
When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, Karzai was one of the main hyperlinks between the CIA and the Afghan forces. The CIA played a large portion in financing the war and finding weapons to the hands of the Mujahideen, the practitioners which were opposing the Soviet forces. The fact is that the Mujahideen believed that they could get the conflict, but not many the others believed that except for a few of the countrymen, U.S. Consultant Charles Wilson and Karzai. All it took was some sophisticated tools and the Russians were finished. It absolutely was a combination of weapons and mountainous ground, the same terrain that had performed in invading armies for 1000s of years and the invading allows were finished. When the Soviets have been overcome, the respect by the Afghans for the United States realized number bounds, but unfortunately this was not to last. In a nation where there's very little to be obtained by winning a war, war never generally seems to stop. It is nearly like Afghanistan has been punished for a few previous sin.
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