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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 43 Years

State: MA
Country: United States

Signup Date: 11/06/2011


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12:57 PM   [01 May 2019 | Wednesday]


 So I finally changed my mind...You're never too young to throw thoughts out there...They may be obvious to some folks, but not everyone...And we're trying to help everyone...So let's do so...

This time we'll talk about our enemy...

Satan would have you believe he is insignificant or nonexistent in our lives and too many people fall for this lie...And what a lie it is !!!

The truth is that all evil stems from his presence..He is quite real, and he is very active in our lives...If we dig to the root or cause of any sin, there he was whispering right into our ears, urging us to commit that sin...

Whenever we are being whispered to, Satan is attacking us...There are only two outcomes...Lose the fight and commit the sin, or realize the attack and go to Jesus...

If we ask Jesus to rebuke Satan from us, he MUST retreat, giving us time to shake our heads clean and sober up so that we don't commit the sin...

The tricky part is realizing the attack...We must constantly be aware...Our minds can't afford cobwebs...This is what Satan wants...To lull us into a trance and keep us in it, forgetting he's even there...

We must always question our motives before we act...Are they of evil origin or of righteous origin ? It can be very confusing sometimes in answering this question...But the realization we have a choice at all is an important part to acknowledge...By doing so we push Satan into the forefront and into the limelight, where his work becomes much more difficult...

We need to keep him in our thoughts in order to prevail...It's never a sin to ask Jesus to help us fight him...Or to word it differently, we can't ask too many times for help...Help is what Jesus is there for...Ask, ask, and ask again !!!

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