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How to visit other worlds within the Final Fantasy XIV


The FFXIV Final Fantasy 15 collaboration is underway, however, not all. The Final Fantasy XIV update 4.57 is actually released, which ultimately allows the Final Fantasy from the XIV World Access System. But how do you actually visit other worlds? What is all this about? These are the questions we prefer to answer to the MMORPG with this guide.

For beginners, the FFXIV Gil World Access System allows players to gain access to other worlds, though with some limitations. In essence, for those who have a friend inside a different world, you'll be able to break over the walls and spend playtime with them. You are now fundamentally capable of stopping the overall game with new extensions and everyone else.

Final Fantasy xiv world access system

Here's how to change this Final Fantasy XIV World Access System. First, you should visit the main aetheryte of Uldah, Gridania or Limsa Lominsa. Select Crystal and you'll see the methods of access. However, you may only access the world with the current data center. The world presented is the best only choice.

For example, it appears that Balmung players cannot access the concept of Midgardsormr and or vice-versa. In addition, there are many restrictions on what you'll be able to Buy FFXIV Gil and cannot do within this world. You can't do such things as summon your savers or sell items in the marketplace, but you are able to buy items on the market.

This means it is possible to perform specific tasks in connection with your fixture. Thus, unlocking or customizing you must stop on your own server. You also cannot obtain a home or attend/create a complimentary company. If you quit on access, you will end up returned if you log back. There is no time frame for accessing another world.

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