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12:23 PM   [23 Apr 2019 | Tuesday]

The Main Advantages of Solar LED Street Light

Solar led street light(CLASSIC) is energy. During the day, the solar cells are used to charge the batteries, and the batteries are used to charge the batteries at night. The solar LED street light do not need complicated and expensive pipelines to be laid, and the layout lamps can be adjusted, safe and energy-saving, and no manual operation is required.

The main advantages of solar LED street light include:

1. Energy-saving, solar LED street light to use natural light sources to reduce power consumption;

2. Safety, commercial lighting may have safety hazards caused by construction quality, aging materials, and power supply disorder of L solar LED street light. Solar LED street light do not use AC power, use solar cells to absorb solar energy, convert low-voltage direct current into light energy, and solar LED street light has no safety hazards;

3. Environmental protection, solar LED street light pollution, no radiation, in line with the modern green concept;

4. High-tech content, solar LED street light is controlled by intelligent controllers, according to the natural brightness of the 1d sky and people need to automatically adjust the brightness of brightness in various environments;

5. Durable, most solar cell module production technology is enough to ensure that the performance of the solar LED street light solar cell module can not be reduced for more than 10 years;

6. The maintenance cost is low, far away from the remote areas of the township. For the maintenance or maintenance of conventional power generation, transmission, street lamps, and other equipment costs are high. Solar street light only need inspection cycle and little maintenance workload, and the maintenance cost of solar LED street light is lower than that of traditional power generation systems;

7. Install the building blocks, the installation is flexible and convenient, humanized, and the size of the solar street light can be selected and adjusted according to your own needs;

8. Independent power supply, the off-grid operation of solar LED street light, with power supply autonomy and flexibility.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Led street lights Manufacturers.

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