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Strengthen Chair Mould Life Cycle Management

Heating and maintenance of the control system are especially important for hot runner Chair Mould(FURNITUREMOULD). At the end of each production cycle, a multimeter should be used to measure the rod heater, thermocouple, and troubleshoot in time. The operator should remove the residue in time, keep the mould inside and outside the injection moulding machine clean and tidy, and do a good job in resettlement management and civilized production.

When working continuously, the debris should be removed regularly. For the high surface quality requirements of injection moulded plastic parts, the surface should be treated with skin texture to increase the cleaning frequency and ensure the surface of the cavity is smooth.

Strengthen the life cycle management of chair moulds and strictly implement the mould recovery card system. Used as a record for plastic moulding manufacturing, testing, use, repair, improvement, and scrapping, detailing the information in the above process. The contents of the card include plastic molding manufacturing records (characteristics of the mold itself, such as mold name, mold number, mold size, etc.), initial test mode, mold ejection mechanism and cooling circuit description, process adjustment point in mass production process, use And maintenance records, mold improvement records, mold waste records, etc. The mould history card transfers the information of the moulding workshop to the mould shop during the mould repair process, and records the mould.

The basis of the chair mould overhaul comes from three aspects: the content of the mold history card (according to the recorded data, this is the most common damage of the mould, which parts are most susceptible to mould damage, which mould is the most vulnerable, the most common mould reasons Damage, which damage has the most serious consequences). The first-line technicians and operators summarized the problems and problems that may arise during the moulding process of the injection moulded parts. The technical department summarized the problems of the plastic structure according to the requirements of the injection moulding manufacturer. The mould recovery card is mainly used for two aspects: one is the direct or indirect cost of monitoring; the other is a special analysis of the mould problem. Of course, people are not only interested in the damage of the mould, but also find the cause, find a solution, and try to prevent similar problems from happening.

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