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Star Wars: Everything you need to know about the Knights of the Old Republic

As Lucasfilm is preparing for the Star Wars franchise operation after the ninth episode in December this year, new rumors surfaced on the Internet, claiming the rights of game inventors and program directors David Benioff and DB Weiss At the end of this year, the main photography began on the new Star Wars movie outside the main series of franchise operations. What's more interesting is that the film that rumors that the filmmaker's program will be held during the Old Republic period was launched and promoted by its own video game series.

Close by LucasArts may be in line with Star Wars: The cloned attack, video game developer BioWare decided to create a pre-collection set up SWTOR Credits in the privileged part of the franchise to give developers more creative freedom with stories and characters. Developed in 2000, the first "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" was released in 2003 for Xbox and PC.

As an important commercial victory, LucasArts immediately asked to create the sequel "Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic II - Lord of the Sith", developed by Obsidian after the separation of BioWare. Years later, BioWare will return to the history of the MMO game "Star Wars: The Old Republic", after the first two races have been going on for centuries. With such a huge history, there is a quick start on the settings and stories of the critically acclaimed prequel video game.

The first two races of the series took about 4,000 years before the onset of The Phantom Menace, effectively making them the first time in the Star Wars video game. Regarding the Old Republic and the Jedi Order, this is a dark period. The resurrection of the Sith, guided by the Suihua Jedi and the Malak, is launching an open war against the Republic, incurring the death of countless Jedi, while others Then it falls into the dark side and shakes.

A powerful young Jedi, named Bastila Mountain, led a victory against the rivalry, causing the Dark Lord to disappear when Malak controlled the Sith. Because the amnesia player character is trying to remember their own past when investigating the disappearance of Revan and Star Wars the Old Republic Credits the interest of Sith in the mysterious interstellar forging, the players learn that they are actually a ferocious Revan, their previous memories are cleared by the Jedi. Redeeming their greatest enemy, incurring Malak eventually failed in the ancient interstellar forging, where the Sith fleet was built.

Report: Disney will revive Lucasfilm Games

The sequel episode After five years of the original game, the war against the Sith became worse for the Republic. Nowadays, being driven to the point of complete extinction, the mission of a fugitive former Jedi Knight is to re-establish their liaison with the Force, and it seems good to go to Mark S. V.’s Sith College and defeat the Sith Lord. About 300 years after the end of the Jedi civil war, the Old Republic followed the Jedi and the Sith, and the fragile war between the two force-sensitive factions caused conflicts and conspiracy to spread throughout the galaxy, affecting its history for thousands of years.

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