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The Temperature of The Crate Mould at The Interface of The Part Is Important

The mould temperature of the Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) at the interface with the part is important. It is generally recommended to use a separate cooling circuit. A more viable temperature regulation solution is usually a water jacket insert. These are sometimes custom made, but can also be used as typical products for many manufacturers. These usually result in observations around the entrance, which may require attention. Special care should also be taken to ensure that the valve stem is well secured for certain contact. Even with acceptable cooling and good contact, you will find a limit on the size of the gate. An inlet size of 3.10 mm (0.125 in.) and below usually produces the best appearance.

Doors larger than this are often difficult to cool and the door looks poor due to stickiness. Another aspect that affects the aesthetics of door space is crystallization. The crystallization phase will vary, using different polymers and crystallization tendencies. Consult a technical service representative to determine if this is relevant to your particular polymer supplier.

If possible, a valve method is required when running the polymer. This has several advantages over other hot melt transfer methods. For valve gates, the melt channel is externally heated and the mechanical shut-off function allows for better inlet trace manipulation.

Gate sizes are typically larger than other available technologies. The valve needle is retracted throughout the filling process, reducing operational obstructions. The end result is a reduction in shear heating and pushing.

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