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Steel Is The Industry Standard Material for Crate Mould Manufacturing

Steel is the industry standard material for the manufacture of the Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD). It is considered a good all-around material that embodies many of the ideal features we are looking for.

There are many different types of steel available for a variety of general applications, and many special sheets of steel are available for more extreme applications. However, for our purposes, we will limit our discussion to those steels that are commonly used in crate mould manufacturers.

Many sheets of steel are used in the construction of crates moulds. All steels contain carbon. Generally, the higher the carbon content, the stronger the strength of the steel. Low-carbon ordinary steel or low-carbon steel is sometimes used, and in other cases, steel with higher carbon content is usually alloyed with other elements to improve the performance of the steel. Carbon steel alloyed with other elements to improve its properties is commonly referred to as tool steel or alloy tool steel.

For almost all mould steels, the most common alloying elements are chromium, nickel molybdate, tungsten cobalt and vanadium. For most mould steels, four of these components are typically used.

Chromium: Improves surface wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Nickel: Improves low-temperature toughness and enhances fatigue resistance:

Vanadium: Improves strength, hardness and impact resistance.

Tungsten: Improves strength, toughness and higher temperature performance.

Although these alloying elements are intended to improve certain properties, care must be taken that they also adversely affect other properties, for example, as the chromium content increases, the thermal conductivity of the alloy steel also decreases.

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