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Maplestory M is fans' opportunity


I know GMS is limited to exactly what it can do, but Spell Traces have to be upgraded to reflect what regular scrolls can do. I do not mind weapons being trapped at 9, so that they can make money off Primes with Marvel, but Android hearts ought to likewise be in a position to have 9 assault! This wouldn't hurt the Prime marketplace, as min/maxers would still need them. As somebody who's likely Maple M Mesos middle class/mid game... These are the biggest glaring flaws to me.

Finest method to make MapleStoryM mesos w/o spending real money?

I have played walnut for a while, but still do not know the best way to make billions of MapleStoryM mesos. I've attempted elite bosses, but they're so annoying to find and to even get MapleStoryM items. I want more harm in my wind archer, my harm range is 78000-90000 (level 153}. Everything is so gosh darn expensive and I cant fund my characters worth crap.

I do not spend money on MapleStoryM MS and am considered underfunded, but get around it. There are some really nice MS players out there that will help you also. I have a tendency to NPC most stuff due to hating the free market. Just look for some people around and speak to them.

You'd be suprised that they might assist you..or even encourage you to their guild. I had same problem as you. Then someone out of my guild essentially gave me bad"CRA" equips. Now all I need are the trousers and got the entire set. Meanwhile, I am fighting GOLLUX also for his rings and such. I'm also doing Commerci ship quests to the sweetwater items. You may consider trying for them too.

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