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The subtle changes like fixed and marked boss arenas per encounter

The subtle changes like fixed and marked boss arenas per encounter just make the entire thing feel more engaging, taking the most beneficial lessons from raid encounters and making use of them as being the default. In frequency, in design, as well as in engagement, FFXIV does dungeons much better.Advantage: FFXIVProgression contentOh, this isn't obviously any good contest.
If you like hardcore group progression, WoW gives you two entire tiers above its "normal" difficulty for that raiding crowd, where FF14 Gil just provides the queued tier as well as the non-queued actual-pushing-progression tier. Considering how much on the game has pushed toward hardcore progression over the final several years, it's actually not surprising that the sport comes out ahead with regard to serious challenging endgame progression.
Whether or you cannot this is the good thing will depend in your perspective. See next entry.Advantage: WoWEndgame optionsAt the end from the day, your option in WoW is progression raiding. That's what you are "supposed" to become doing, that is certainly what the overall game is pushing you toward. It's rather unambiguous for the reason that regard. You will hit walls before this, and for that reason Final Fantasy 14 Gil much from the game tells you if you don't want progression raiding, you won't deserve a lot of anything.By contrast, in the event you don't like hardcore progression content in FFXIV? The game doesn't care.
I have no involvement in Extreme Primals or Alexander (Savage) and have absolutely never run out of activities to do to continue advancing my characters. There are trials, dungeons, full raids, Alexander (Normal), PvP options (that still reward PvE tomestones), and the like. You can make a whole endgame away from crafting while only doing the minimal necessary number of PvE content. There are individuals who devote their PvE time and energy to delving into maps and Aquapolis, and that's valid. There's plenty to perform!

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