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Finishing The Crate Mould

Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) finishing - Finishing is required for almost all cavity and punches forms. This may be a polished surface treatment, a photo-etching treatment or a plating treatment. However, for some technical components, surface finish is not critical and often requires fine EDM surface treatment. If special surface treatment is required, a variety of processes can be used, including:



Photochemical etching


Bead blasting

Steam explosion

If a very high surface finish is required on the core/cavity, the correct steel must be selected. It must be free of impurities and stresses and has a low sulfur content (usually added to improve processability).

Electroslag refining (ESR) is a process used by mould steel suppliers to reduce the number of impurities in steel. Vacuum degassed steel is also used to prevent the formation of localized impurities or pits on the steel surface which can damage the polished surface.

The polishing process is a slow and laborious process involving three different phases:

Rough: Use sandpaper, emery or mechanical reciprocating polishing equipment such as I profile.

Intermediate: Use fine grinding stone.

Surface treatment: hand polished with diamond paste and orange bar or with a mechanical reciprocating hand tool.

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