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The result was obviously a game that always were required to be playable


The result was obviously a game that always were required to be playable about the oldest version of hardware that housed it, meaning that the experience started looking increasingly dated not just when it comes to graphics but regarding its UI.The PS3 has not held FFXIV back, particularly, beyond a number of concessions here and then there. Much of the's held the action back has more to perform with FF14 Gil server structure plus the like, as reiterated with the fan festival. But we're dropping the legacy console now well before we could reach the actual of actually struggling against its limitations.A few things get noticed here.
First, this shows that FFXIV is, first of all, a PC-based game; unlike?FFXI's?client, the FFXIV desktop client will be the main priority to the developers to improve instead of simply one from the options.
 Second, this means that eventually in the longer term, the PlayStation 4 will more than likely find?its support removed likewise; console support is actually officially something that occurs only as long because the console can handle the overall game as an entire.This does have a very negative impact for Final Fantasy 14 Gil people who're still about the older console, but I think this could be the right choice within the long term, plus it's a situation in which the bandage needs to get ripped off sooner in lieu of later.
By cutting support now, the overall game never really hit a point the place that the PS3 significantly held back development regarding patch size or feature complexity; it's simply a platform that mattered till it didn't. Considering that consoles already employ a lifespan, I think it's the best decision.It does suck, though, for people that are still within the console.Storage space and databasesI don't actually know very well what the database structure for FFXIV appears like, but were told time and again our characters take up a great deal of space understanding that database structure is why we can not just have endless inventory space/housing space/etc.

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