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Aspects to Pay Attention to When Storing Crate Mould

All Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) is expensive and can be easily damaged and corroded if not properly maintained. In most injection moulding shops, crate mould storage areas typically require considerable capital investment and typically require millions of pounds.

Before storing the crate mould, check for any repairs that should be made before the next use of the mould. Some simple precautions will ensure that the crates are in good condition the next time they are needed. The basic list is as follows:

Crate moulds should be cleaned and repaired.

The waterway should be blown out with air.

The crates mould should be lubricated.

The vents should be cleaned.

All moulded surfaces should be protected by a spray mould.

All safety switches should be inspected for damage and proper function.

The safety and function of all circuits should be checked and, if possible, the crate mould should be kept closed and, if not possible, a wooden or similar cover should be used to protect the two moulds from damage.

It is foolish to wait for the machine to fail before performing maintenance. It may also be unwise to perform large maintenance work because the planned maintenance plan indicates the date the maintenance work has been completed. However, Murphy's demanding law states that failures always occur at the most inconvenient time, and if the failure results in a large and profitable order, the losses incurred may be much greater than the cost of performing planned maintenance.

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