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Practice of Loosening When The Daily Necessities Mould Is Opened

At the position that is opened before the Daily Necessities Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) unscrewing operation, the workpiece will remain on the displaced portion of the daily necessities mould. In this case, it is important to shape the keying features at the bottom of the part.

For the practice of loosening when the daily necessities mould is opened, any type of keying function is acceptable, including those described above. This may be an active feature or a feature that needs to be specifically introduced. If the keying feature cannot currently be accessed as part of an off-the-shelf design, the appropriate design must be arranged with the product design engineer. A simple rectangular or triangular type extending along the exterior of the moulding is typically used.

A valuable rule is to carefully examine the design of the daily necessities mould, determine which type of keying is required and combine it with the design so that it can withstand the loosening function without damage. With this design, the loosened core moves axially outside the mould to expel it. This allows the moulded part to be placed in the cavity, depending on the design. Additional jetting capabilities may be required with regard to part geometry and basic tool design. Longer threads can be demolded with this design compared to the stripper method. The figure below shows a common shift core layout. In this configuration, as previously mentioned, it is natural to add a key around the bottom of the moulded part. This again provides resistance to the moulded article that rotates throughout the unscrewing stage, but in this case, it is not necessary to maintain the peeling plate. This is because the core is being screwed out from the moulding, so the keys are not pushed away like a fixed core structure.

The different forms of plastic production that are used occasionally are the removal of the moulded article before the mould of the daily necessities is opened. This may require the generation of splines and other keying features into the cavity. However, this creates another problem in that the component stays in the cavity after the demolding phase. This, therefore, indicates that some fixed half jet may be required to remove the moulded part from the mould cavity. While such structures typically require parts with complex geometric features, it is always best to ensure that the mould rests on the moving parts of the daily necessities mould. This makes the design and construction of the mould easier.

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