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The extension ensures the NBA and NBAPA will keep partner and support 2K

“NBA 2K happens to be an important part with the NBA culture both for that players and fans,” said NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts. “Kudos to THINK450 for successfully negotiating this extension around the NBPA’s behalf. We look forward to continuing this partnership while using League and Take-Two Interactive.”
The extension ensures the NBA and NBAPA will keep partner and support 2K inside development of most of their hoops products, including the NBA Mobile Coins franchise, NBA 2K Online and NBA 2K Online 2 (40 million new users in China), NBA 2K Playgrounds, NBA 2K Mobile as well as the two companies' partnership, the NBA 2K League.
The latter is definitely an eSports league played on NBA 2K, as well as the second season in the league is determined to start this spring. The start with the league became a strong clue the NBA and 2K had no intentions of parting ways soon. Silver even described it because NBA's fourth league along using the NBA, WNBA, and G-League.
One major question fans could have is: the way this affect EA's NBA Live series. This deal isn't exclusive just like the NFL, and EA's contract while using Madden franchise. However, if your numbers are correct, 2K will likely be paying approximately $157 million per year with the license.
If EA is forced to pay for the same amount to get licensing privileges for NBA Live, will the publisher identify that as a good move? The cost could certainly be a percentage of their because EA does not have as many NBA Live Mobile Coins under its umbrella. In any situation, it will make sense to project the price to help keep the NBA and NBAPA license could have become more expensive using this agreement.
When you concentrate on how much the Live franchise has struggled with sales, it's logical to wonder if EA would keep invest the type of money forced to maintain the NBA license for the underperforming series.
The Live series is definitely fighting an uphill battle to carve a sustainable niche within the virtual basketball market. While it offers improved steadily since 2013, Live is clearly behind the 2K franchise, which can't help matters.
The linkage between NBA and 2K because it relates on the NBA 2K League is significant. It would appear the NBA is banking for the success from the entire 2K brand. Where does that leave the NBA Live series? Take-Two is building a considerable investment with this partnership, and you've got to think there's more to get here than another seven years.

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